Monday, April 14, 2008

Two new eggs in the Pigeon Re-population Room!

Early this morning we discovered that the white female had dropped a second egg!
We are carefully monitoring noise levels, temperature and humidity in hopes that both eggs will hatch and our Pigeon Re-population effort will be a success.

Please keep you fingers crossed!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

the last pigeon

The Pigeon Re-Population Project

Pigeon Heads

"Many birds go through marvelous performances, trials of grace, strength and endurance before the opposite sex. Certain birds, conspicuously the pigeons kiss each other during the season of courtship and caress the bills of their lovers with their own"
-the Californian Illustrated Dec. 1892
My name is platypus and I am the pigeon boy. I became enthralled with pigeons when as a little tiny boy I chased them in Carl Schurz Park. They would always fly faster then I could run. But then I became frightened when I read a small article in the New York Times that said along with many other birds, pigeons are endangered:
"since 1996 the common pigeon columba livia population has been in decline."
 According to the American Audubon Society, Still-Born Sudden Pigeon Syndrome (SBSPDS) has increased ten-fold since 1996. This is alarming.
I wondered if anyone was as interested in pigeons as I . I sniffed around and I found hundreds of pigeon fanciers around New York and even an exhibit on pigeons called "The Last Pigeon" at the A.M. Richard Fine Art Gallery at 328 Berry Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
There a man named Andrew Garn has assembled all sorts of arts related materials worshipping the pigeon. There are sculptures, photos, videos and paintings of the beautiful birds.
But beyond the mere artistic homage to our lovely avian friend is something quite important:
here Mr. Garn and a scientist, Dr. Daniel Duif has installed a "Pigeon Re-population Project Room" where two sets of mature healthy pigeons , donated by a Mr. Smith are hopefully breeding in ideal conditions (soft music and various pigeon friendly settings) to hopefully continue the race of the Pigeon species..